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The coffee I want to brew is no longer available, where can I access the brew guide? 
You can find all past brew guides here.

Can you grind my coffee?
All of the coffee be sell comes as whole beans, ie not ground. If you are ordering coffee online and would like it be ground, please enter your grinding preferences in the comments upon checkout. Please specify the method you will be using to prepare your coffee, eg. 'espresso', 'aeropress' and so on.

Please be aware that not all grinders will grind coffee the same way, so what you receive may be different to the ground coffee you've had from other suppliers or grinders.

What’s the difference between filter and espresso?
'Filter' and 'espresso' refer to different methods of preparing coffee. Espresso or milk-based coffees are made using an espresso machine, whereas filter coffees are made with different brewing methods. We roast our coffees in three different ways, to suit these three styles (filter, espresso and milk-based).

Filter roasts to have less development (meaning they are roasted for a shorter time, and lighter), whereas the espresso and milk-based are roasted for a bit longer. 

I found a coffee online but I can’t order it?
As we receive new and exciting lots of coffee from around the world, we are constantly changing our offerings online. Normally, this means that the coffee is out of stock or no longer being offered. If you believe that a coffee is incorrectly labelled as out of stock, please let us know  



How much does shipping cost?
We are in the process of activating live rates - this means that your shipping cost might have changed since the last time you ordered.

Which courier/postal service will my order be sent with? 
We use a range of couriers and postal services, depending on the country of delivery, type of order or delivery address. Upon checkout, you can typically select from one of several options for delivery. If your delivery address is a parcel locker or apartment, we will normally select the courier for you. 

For international orders, we normally use DHL and FedEx, depending on the best rates available.

How do I find my tracking details?
Upon payment of your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. In this email, you can find a link to the tracking details for your order. You can also select to receive updates via SMS when your order is despatched and out for deliver. Please be advised that these tracking details are provided to us from the courier and that we cannot provide more details than what is listed.

Do you ship to the USA?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, extra measures are being put in place in US Customs. This has resulted in packages being held for an extended period - if you have ordered coffee, this may result in your coffee being aged past an ideal date. Due to these measures, we have temporarily ceased delivery to the USA. 

I was charged additional fees when my international shipment arrived.
ONA Coffee takes no responsibility for orders/consignments once the shipment has been picked up and left our premises. All customs clearance issues and import duty costs are the responsibility of the consignee/customer.

By default, all orders will be set to deliver without a signature and may be left unattended at your delivery address - if you would not like this to occur, please wait for your tracking number and use it to contact the assigned courier to your order, who may be able to arrange signed delivery. ONA Coffee takes no responsibility for lost or misplaced orders.

At the checkout it says ‘no shipping method available’ - what does this mean?
We offer shipping to many countries around the world. However, i
f you have entered your delivery address and it says 'no delivery method available', it can means one of several things: (i) we are unable to ship to your country due to trade embargoes; (ii) your country does not accept organic products (such as coffee) to be delivered via post or (iii) there is an error with our delivery system. If you believe there is an error, please contact us.

What is the minimum spend for free shipping?
We offer free shipping for domestic orders (within Australia) that are valued at $75 or more. We do not offer free shipping for international orders. 

How long will it take for my order to be sent?
We typically dispatch our online orders within three business days. In the event of a special order, international order or large quantities, we will contact you with updated information about when your order will be sent.  



I can't access my account, what's going on? 
You might notice our awesome, new look store - we've shifted to a new online platform to sell our coffee to lovely people like yourself. That means that if you haven't shopped with us since before September, you'll need to create a new account - click here to complete the process. You can also check out as a guest if an account isn't your thing, and the magic of Shopify will save your checkout details even without an account to make the process even faster next time!

I have a discount code, how do I use it?
If you have a valid discount code, enter it upon checkout and your discount will be applied. If your code is not working and you believe it should be valid, please get in touch with us. 

How can I become a wholesale partner?
If you are interested in wholesale supply of coffee from us, please get in touch and we can connect you with a member of our Sales Team. If you are interested in Guest Roasting, please email guest@onacoffee.com.au with your business details and the types of coffee you're interested in purchasing.