RESERVE FILTER: Ecuador Pueblo Nuevo, Washed
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RESERVE FILTER: Ecuador Pueblo Nuevo, Washed

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The Acauã varietal originates from Brazil. It’s a hybrid of Mundo Novo (Bourbon & Sumatra Typica) and Sarchimor (Villa Sarchi & Hibrido de Timor). Its name comes from a native Amazonian bird of the same name which is commonly called the 'laughing falcon'. The expressions we are seeing in this coffee are so exotic and diverse in tropical flavours with a deep set caramel-like sweetness.

Lush dulce de leche coats notes of ripe pineapple, fresh sweet navel orange and a chewy almond nougat-like flavour in the finish. 

Want to learn how to brew a v60 pour-over? Check out this tutorial video by ONA Coffee's Devin Loong:


Ecuador (100%)


Washed (100%)


Acauã (100%)


Brew guide

Age to drink

Drink 7+ days after roast

Dose amount


Water amount

300ml (total)


60g @ 35 seconds

Brew duration

2:30 - 3:00 minutes, 92 degrees C


 4 pours of 60g - allow water to drain through before each pour

Freeze date

8-9 days after roast, centrifuge tube -20°C