Roasters' Selection Nicaraguan "Honey Process"
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Roasters' Selection Nicaraguan "Honey Process"

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For our Roasters' Selection blend this month, we have chosen to create a blend of our favourite honey process coffees from 2020 harvest lots from the Dipilto region of Nicaragua. These lots are all prepared using the same process and come from three different farms: Agua Sarca, San Jose, and Buena Vista. Roasted for preparation as an espresso, this October expression of Roasters' Selection has been designed to showcase a specific processing technique of Nicaraguan coffees. It is arranged in a way to celebrate the unique flavour experience you get in the cup from honey processed coffees from this area.

This special selection of Nicaraguan lots is characterised by notes of crisp fruit and delicate white tea notes. A crisp green apple note on the first sip settles into a yellow peach note as the espresso cools, accompanied by a white tea note and a hint of raw sugar on the finish.

Origin  Nicaragua (100%)
Process Honey (100%)
Varietal Marsellesa, Java (100%)


Brew guide

Age to drink 9-20 days after roast
Method Espresso
Dose amount 20g
Extraction volume 42g
Extraction time 24-28 seconds
Temperature 93.5°C
Freeze date
 10-12 days after roast, centrifuge tube -20°C